Pop Verite

Looking forward to reading with R. Zamora Linmark in December! He’s one of the Filipino American writers that I admire and love dearly. It is a huge honor to be able to read with him and launch my poetry book along with his.



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Here is the cover of his latest poetry collection:

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I am here, only a Starbucks away

from the bedside window, remembering

millimeter after millimeter, childhood

footage -during the height of martial law-

co-starring you as jobless family man

John Puruntong in John en Marsha,

endlessly falling out of your dreams

on a hardwood bench beside a gutter,

while the fat lady, your mother-in-law,

stashed cash under her mattress, and

I, on a plastic-covered vinyl couch,

licked Jack ‘n Jill Chiz Curls off my first grade

fingers, chuckling along with canned

laughter, unaware of the daily disappearances

and midnight arrests around me.





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