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As an English major in college, literature classes were replete. I always found myself aligning with poets that used their art in the service of social movements of their time. I truly believe that the written word in equal standing with spoken word can be powerful forces used to move, anger, uplift, shock and bring minds and hearts to make small or large acts in service of animals, the environment and people. I’ve always been interested in reading poets that take it upon themselves to write about mass atrocities that have happened or are happening in the present day. I pay attention to how they approach these themes and how effectively (or not) they create layers of meaning beyond the mere expression of the “event.” The horror of vivisection is familiar to many through photos in social media of monkeys attached to machines or dogs salivating and lethargic in a corner of a cage…how can one translate that into a poem? The amazing poet Marge Pierce succeeds and creates a searing personal yet political poem….”Cousin, Cuisine”
TRUTH TELLING: http://saenonline.org/press-20170403.pdf


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